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Oh My Dog! Holistic Doggery
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

For LESS than a cup of coffee, there is NO excuse NOT to feed your pet,an all natural food/diet!

I've heard it over and over, "I would really like to feed my dog healthier, but not at that price!" or "My cat really loves the food, but I'm going to be broke in no time flat!" or even "I love my dogs, but my husband would go through the roof if he found out they are eating healthier than we are!" 

What the majority of pet owners fail to understand is that by feeding an all natural & holistic food to their dog or cat, they will actually be saving money in the long run.  How, you ask, at $1.15 a pound? 

First of all, we feed much less food (20% to 40% less) because the food is all natural with no fillers and by-products.  

Second, there are enormous savings to be made by not having all those vet visits and harmful medications to fix your pets' allergies (the #1 reason why pets are seen in the vet's office) and immune disorders (which can lead to chronic and serious conditions that require careful treatment.

Allergy symptoms include, but are not limited to, itchy skin and bodily eruptions, inflamed ears, excessive licking of the front feet, digestive upsets (gurgling, gas and a tendency toward diarrhea), inflammation of the toes and an irritated rear end (anus, genitals) with licking and dragging of the rear on the floor. 

Feeding all natural will greatly reduce the physical and mental speed of premature aging in our pets, associated with a lifetime of poor nutrition. Several degenerative diseases, such as cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, skin problems, bowel problems (such as Pancreatitis), and even diabetes have been found to either be hurried up or slowed down very much by what is eaten.  Please keep in mind that by also feeding a properly put-together home-made or raw diet will provide these same benefits, and more!  

Scientists have demonstrated that as animals and people eat unsuitable food, or unsuitable amounts of food, they age or degenerate more rapidly, and as they do, they become more prone to disease...which can lead to extremely high, and perhaps unmanageable, veterinary bills. Are you asking yourself yet, "why hasn't my vet recommended a diet change yet?"  Yes, I would ask that of them too.

Unfortunately most vets receive little education in vet school on canine & feline nutrition, other than what the commercial pet food company reps tell them!  And believe it or not, but many vets make a lot of money by retailing the same pet foods they were taught about, by these company reps, in vet school. 

Since feeding an all natural diet to my Labradoodles for almost a year, my vet has only seen them for routine vaccinations. In fact, I am one of the lucky ones who has an open-minded vet, who refers many of his patients to me, who he believes their symptoms are diet-related.  I'm very honored he does this.

As with us humans, pets are just as susceptible of suffering a variety of diseases and illnesses due to a weakened and compromised immune system, some of which are irreversible.  Just to name a few, our pets are more susceptible, and less likely to combat and resist the following conditions/diseases by a weakened immune system:

· Parasites (e.g. mange)
· Cancer & leukemia (in cats)
· Frequent colds or flu
· Recurrent bacterial infections & viruses
· Fungal disease
· Slow wound healing
· Frequent injury
· Allergies
· Respiratory inflammations
· Diabetes
· Aging dogs and cats
· Frequent vet visits for minor ailments

Pet owners are beginning to understand that treatment for existing conditions for their pets should not be the only way they deal with health problems. Preventative care is critical for animals, just as it is for humans.

ANIMALS have emotions, attitudes and personalities just like humans. To care for an animal, it is helpful to observe the animal and learn how to distinguish between normal regular behavior and behavior that is unusual and out of balance. Pets often reflect the emotions of the people close to them and the environment in which they live. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, worry or depression can lead to disease because they deplete the physical body of its natural vitality, thereby compromising the immune system's ability to function properly. 

My philosophy is that what an animal eats, (the quality of nutrients, along with proper supplementation), as well as the purity of his environment, is the foundation of his overall well-being.  By staying as close to the ways of nature and eliminating harsh chemicals from their diet and environment, we have seen miraculous changes take place in the lives of countless pets, as well as their delighted owners that I have known through the years.

By feeding all natural foods or a properly prepared homemade/raw diet, you are boosting your pet's natural immune defenses, improving it's health, increasing it's athletic performance, bolstering it's overall nutrition and adding years to it's life expectancy.

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