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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dog Treats As An Effective Training Tool

                              Dog Treats As An Effective Training Tool

A dog is a man’s best friend because he could be trained to obey commands. While all breeds of canines may be without difficulty domesticated, we prefer that the dogs living together with us follow a number of rules and project the right behavior. Thus, we train them.

All you do with the dog pet should be fun as well as instruction should also be the same. Nonetheless, any dog owner would say that training is a challenging process. Your dog has to respond to the instruction positively. To help us achieve this, many trainers use treats as a form of beneficial motivation.

A lot of dogs are content with a pat on the head while others want some other incentives. Treating your dog reinforces the good behavior in him. Do this by giving him his preferred things as treats. The treats can be various food or his preferred toy. This method must be used together with a lot of praising for something the dog has learned and accomplished well. Treats make the dog enjoy the training and open to learning different things. They become highly receptive when they are having a good time.

Reward the dog for a good deed immediately. If you reward for something later, he will not remember what it is for. He may think that it is for something he has just done that my have not been a good deed at all! It is better to have only one master training the dog rather than all the members of the family. All members should be made to follow the same set of commands so as to not confuse the dog. Ask them to reward him for good behavior.

Source: Dogtraininghouse.net

The gourmet dog treats of Oh My Dog! are all natural, sugar free, no wheat,gluten free with no preservatives homemade cookies and it can be a fun way to train your dog.
We have different flavors to choose from like Peanut Butter, Honey, Vanilla, Carob, Apple and more.


  1. Treats are the best training tool! Punky, my dog, is on meds. He hates his two pills he must take every day. So I show him his good boy treat bag (which are actually chewy meds he loves) and I give him his two pills and his chewys. He sees that bag and his tail starts wagging. After all his meds I give him one more treat - the good boy treat. He gets all happy. We do this every morning and he looks forward to it. It's also a bonding moment! I love my baby boy. :)

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